The Death of Bonny Lee Bakley Robert Blake

Bonny Lee Bakley

Since I lived on the other side of theworld at the time, this new OJ type story didn’t reach our shores. However, friend Steve Goldstein of www.beneathlosangeles.comwas on the scene recently, and filled me in, as it were.

Bonny Lee was a fame hag. One of us. She knew she couldn�t be a star, soshe went out of her way to meet them, greet them, screw them, and marry them.Ok, not completely like us.  She supposedly had sexual relationships with Chubby Checker (hooray), ChristianBrando (danger much?), Frankie Vallee (Grease is the word), and Jerry Lee Lewis(ew). Her latest conquest was marrying Robert Blake. A lot of you know him asthe star of the television show Baretta. I remember him better asMickey, from the Our Gang series. He was a cute kid. He is now a67 year old psychotic. Big time. Serious screws loose. I remember reading thathis father used to beat the crap out of him, and lock him inthe closet fordays. Something about sitting in his own excrement. That sort of thing. Not ahappy family.

Bonny met Blake in a night club a couple of years ago, and they were seeingeach other. In August of 2000, she had a baby. She named it Kristian Brando (itwas a girl) because she thought it was Christian�s kid. DNA tests proved thatthe father was Robert Blake. It always kills me that people have to get testedto find out who their child�s father is. What a slut. Anyway, they got marriedin November of 2000. Robert scared the shit out of Bonny. She claimed that henever physically harmed her, but he could be “really scary.” She tolda lot of people that she feared for her life. So here�s what happened:

On Friday May 4th, the two of them were eating at a restaurantcalled Vitello�s, in Studio City. It was a regularplace for Blake, and they even had a pasta dish named after him. He ate that. I�llhave a bowl of me, please. She ordered the cheese ravioli. They ate and left andgot in to their car about 9:40pm – Bonnie bun bun in the passenger side. Now I don�t really get this next part. Blakereturns to the restaurant looking shaken. He asks for two glasses of water,drinks them, and asks if there was a doctor in the restaurant. Blake claimedthat he left a gun behind, as you do, in the restaurant. Supposedly Bonny gavethe gun to Blake to hang on to, because she was afraid of a stalker. Restaurantstaff didn�t see any gun. Blake returns to the car.

Bonny was wearing a black skirt and t-shirt, patent leather shoes, a graygirdle and a black Judith Michaels blouse.  She also has several bulletholes in her.

Next thing that happens, Blake rings his friend SeanStanek�s doorbell, across the street from where the car was parked. Hesays to his buddy, “My wife�s hurt and bleeding.” They call 911 andgo to the car, parked next to a dumpster. She wasstill alive, but bleeding badly. She was shot in the head. Stanek held her hand,while Blake was puking, walking in circles and weeping. He kept going on,”Oh my God. Oh my God.” Paramedics were called, they worked on thegirl, but she was DOA at St. Joseph�s hospital.She was 44 years old.

Police questioned Blake, and searched his houselocated on this corner, in the followinghours.  The searched for the gun, but couldn�t find it. Blake collectedguns. As you do. There was no gun residue on Blake�s hands.

Police found the murder weapon in a dumpster a couple of blocks away. It wasa rare German Walther PPK pistol. The gun was not registered to Blake. As youdo. On the television show Good Morning America, Blake�sattorney addressed the issue of the words “I am not going down forthis” being scrawled on a wall in Blake�s house. The attorney said,”That�s something that�s been on his wall for more than a year and ithas nothing to do with this case.” Uh huh.

Correction from friend Mike:  Hey guys,

Just came across your web site.  There is misinformation about guns. The weapon was not a rare PPk as you state but a common variety postwar P-1. (worth about $250.00-$300.00) It just looks old. I have attached a picture of the weapon for your readers to enjoy.

Thanks for the clarification, Mike! friend Tina writes in:  the serial number on the gun had been filed away, but forensic detectives were able to get the number anyway and the gun was traced back to Blake! His attorney is filing a motion to keep the cameras out the courtroom, so it won’t be like O.J.’s case. I hope it doesn’t go through — I wanna see all the highlights!

Take care, and have a great week!

Tina : )

3 weeks later, on May 24th, Bonny�s funeral was held at ForestLawn Hollywood Hills. Blake attended and gave a tearful eulogy. Her familyrefused to attend. Her sister was quoted as saying, “I didn�t feel Iought to stand next to the man I believe, strongly, killed my sister.”

Police think it was a hit. Yeah, probably that other psycho, JanBrady. She lived just down the street in thishouse. No really. She did.

Jerry Lee Lewis said of the murder, “This is a terrible tragedy foreveryone involved. When someone that you know dies like this, it�s verydifficult to understand.” A little too close to home.

Anyone who is anyone knows that Robert Blake and his bodyguard were arrestedand being charged with the murder of Bonnie baby.  This is Findadeath sleuth at its best!  My good buddy Lisain Burbank lives just a stone’s throw from the apartment where Blake’s body guard was arrested.  Lisa gotthere.  Camera in hand, she sends us this report:

Here’s some of the pix I got today of Earle Caldwell’s apartment. These were taken about 10am 4/19/02 as police arrived to begin the initial search of his place. I had to go to work, so didn’t get pix of the guns, etc. being taken out. As it was, I was told “we don’t want you taking pictures of us working” as I trolled the alley asking questions as a concerned neighbor. The pix basically show the press covering the scene, and the press being escorted off the private property and the yellow tape going up. Caldwell’s apartment is at 623 E. San Jose, a second-level apartment in the back of a quaint, quiet, family-oriented 5-unit place. (I live 4 doors down.) Hope this is of interest/use for your page!

Here’s a few more…news crews filming cops upstairs in apt from the outside; a detective in Caldwell’s apt doorway; cops walking towards me with yellow tape to make me stop taking pix. Caldwell was not there, he had been arrested for conspiracy the day before and was sitting in jail on a million dollar bond.

UPDATE AUGUST 2001 friend and pal sends these fantastic newpictures.  He and some friends went on a Bonnie trip to the spot where shedied.  It’s right in front of this poweror telephone thingy.  If you look closely at the curb, you can see thatsome of Bonnie leaked out, and is stillthere.  Some loser taped a picture of her on the powerthingy.   After that, the gruesome foursome headed over toVitello’s, the infamous restaurant.  After snatching thiscard for me, Steve, Jennifer, Todd and Roxanne settled in to THEbooth where Bonnie had her last supper.  Roxanne was about to get amouthful of Robert Blake,when this pic was taken.  After dinner they drove past Blake’s house, whereanother loser postedthis sentiment for Blake’s daughter.  How long before Robert came andsnatched it down, I wonder.  Great job, guys.  Thanks.

Oh, I almost forgot, Blakes lawyer, Barry Levin, blewhis brains out in a car, in a cemetery in LA.  Thanks to the many friendsof findadeath who sent me that info.

Thanks to friend Steve Goldstein for contributing this story. friend Jim sends this in, July2001:  “Let me tell you what I know about the Blake. First, he had a really neat web page until a few months ago, loaded with old personal photos from his career. Candid shit. Parties and back stage. Suddenly the web page was gone.

He also was a buddy of Hef’s. Blake and Mamie Van Doren’s ex-husband Ray Anthony would show up at Hef’s place every Friday night to sit around and watch old movies and play cards and shoot the shit. Blake also had a REALLY bad facelift. All the skin is drawn too fucking tight. He looks like The Screaming Skull. His eyes have a sunken, skeleton head quality. You can imagine his noggin dangling from a string on your rearview mirror. Like you’d sent away for it in the back of a comic book or something. She thought he wasscary? Damn right he was scary!”  Fricken funny, mate.  Thanks. friend Ann sends us this:  I ride and show horses, and I go to an equestrianbulletin board a lot. There was a recent discussion about if anyone knows any famous people, and a woman
named Brooke posted that she lives (or should I say lived) a few doors down from Robert Blake. I e-mailed her for more details about him, because I wasinterested and I knew you guys would be interested too! Scott, feel free to add these comments to your



Regardless of if Robert Blake did murder his wife or not, he was always extremely kind to me and my horses. He was always outside working in his backyard, andwhenever I would ride by he would always go out of his way to chat for a minute and pat my horses. He was veryknowledgeable about horses andalways asked questions about their breed and temperament etc, etc. From what I could see he was a very caring father towards both daughters (he wouldalways take little Rosie for a walk). He has a VERY powerful presence. His eyes are very intense, and he is built like a mack truck (very stocky). I never knewthat he was almost 70, he seems much younger. But again, what struck me the most is how genuinely nice he was. His backyard seems so empty now, I’m actuallyreally sad he’s gone! I hope this gives a little insight on him. The only juicy stuff I have is that hisbodyguard Earl Caldwell was always a realJERK. Just my opinion! 

Thanks Ann!

And our pal Steve Goldstein of www.beneathlosangeles.comsends us this:  Adding to the Robert Blake info, here is a post I got from one of his Hidden Hills neighbors:

Robert Blake lived by the first stop sign on long valley. About one block
away. I always saw him playing with his young daughter in the front yard.
Other than the helicopters on the arrest day it has been quite quiet in

This just in, February 2003, from Findadeath friendHarry:

Hi Scott,

Just blowing some time this morning on FAD (sadly, no Brentwood Hello), and Ire-read the Robert Blake story … a couple updates …

* Steve got a pic of Bonnie’s headstone on their recent foray to FL-HH. It’s onhis web site if you wanna link.

* Also, real estate-wise, Blake’s house was up for sale, and they were having ahelluva time finding a buyer. Not so much the notoriety of the home, but thatthey had done a bunch of crappy additions (probably without permits) to thehouse. I don’t know if it finally sold, but they just had to keep reducing theprice. (It would be fun to negotiate that deal … I wonder if you can fax acounter offer to the LA County Jail??)

Yours in real estate,  🙂

Thanks, Harry!Great stuff!

UPDATED February2005, from Findadeath friend Craig:

It was bought by the British actress Alex Kingston and her husband, not her ex-husband who played the mean Nazi in Schindler’s List, Ralph Fiens or however you spell it, but her newer husband. I don’t know his name. 

Anyway, Alex plays Dr. Elizabeth Corday the surgeon on the hit show ER. Her character was married to Anthony Edwards when his character died on the show. I heard they got a deal on the house. This was a small tiny story in a tabloid awhile back.

Thanks, Amy!

Findadeath friend Bob sends us this:  I noticed the mention of Alexandra Kingston buying Robert Blake’s house. Kingston and her husband Florian Haertel bought the home in 2002 for $840,000. After a makeover, they put it on the market a year later for $1.6 Million. They never lived in the home.

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