The Death of Dick York Darren from Bewitched

Dick York
September 4, 1928 – February 20, 1992
“You’ve got to keep trying…”

By far the most popular Darrin (1964-1969), he left the show Bewitched after filming 116episodes because of a back injury hereceived while he was on location for the Robert Rossen film, They Came toCordura, which starred Gary Cooper and Tab Hunter. He also suffered fromemphysema and spent his final years in anoverstuffed chair hooked up to an oxygen tank. I don’t know if he consideredhimself an artist, butthis is what he sent to me.

Dick was not a dick. This man spent most of his time on the telephoneraising money for the homeless and getting people to donate food and clothing.His group was called “Acting for Life.”

He once said, “You know, three whales get in trouble and people from allover volunteer to help.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one old has-been actor with ahoseup his nose could help millions?”

Most reports claim that he died in his home at 5370 Belding Road, inRockford, Michigan on the afternoon of February 20, 1992. Dick was 63 years old. 

Wanna see hismailbox?

Services were held at 1 PM, on Feb 22, 1992, at thePedersonFuneral Home, 127 N. Monroe Street, in Rockford, andhe is interred in the Plainfield Township Cemetery. 

Rest in peace, Dumb-Dumb.

Trivia: When he was replaced by Dick Sargent onBewitched, the ratingsdropped 13 places.

UPDATE December 2004, from Findadeath friendBob:

Enjoy your site.  Inregard to Dick York, several years ago he would always be on WLUP radio stationhere in Chicago via phone with Jonathan Brandmeier.  Brandmeier would helpYork raise money for the homeless, and upon hearing of a donation Brandmeier hadraised, York was quite moved. He thanked him and said, "John, that remindsme of something my mother always said, "Reach for the light - a BudLight," cracking everyone up in the studio.  Quite a man that couldsit in his home in Michigan raising money for the homeless while suffering, andstill crack a joke.


Thanks, Bob!

Unfortunately in 2011the York home was demolished.  Thank you FAD friend Glennes Page forletting us know this sad news.

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