The Death of Eve Arden

Eve Arden

April 30, 1908 – November 12, 1990

Her birth name is Eunice Quedens. According to legend, Eve was scanning over various products in front of her andstopped on the names Elizabeth Arden and Summer’s Eve and chose the name. Ok, kidding about the Summer’s Eve, it was actually Evening in Paris. Personally I like the way Eunice Quedens rolls off the tongue.  I wonder ifKaye Ballard felt that way.

Eve was like America’s Maggie Smith.  Shehad that look of disgust down pat.  I loved her acting, and if she were at all like thecharacters she played, I would loved to have spent an evening having cocktails withher. She’d probably end up hating me but it would still be fun. She was mostfamous for her role in Our Miss Brooks, but I got to know her inthe show Mothers-in-Law. I loved that show. She and Kaye Ballardwere a great team. Kaye, where are you?!!! Come back to the five and dime, KayeBallard, Kaye Ballard.  For now, Kaye lives in Palm Springs andoccasionally will show up at something.  She did a “farewell toshowbiz” thing a while back, but I missed it.  Now wasn’t that auseless sentence?

I remember an episode whenEve and Kay put together a night club act and sang asong about a plumber. I’d love for that on tape now. friend Richard got in touch and sent me the dvdof that particular episode I wanted.  It was great to relive the show – itsbeen so many years.  I’ve watched it several times since, and still laughas hard as the first.  Much appreciation and gratitude, Richard.

Eve Arden was living on St. Ives drive in the Hollywood Hills.

She died in her home at 2:18 am on Monday November 12 1990.Two ofher four children were at her side. She had a heart attack. There was mention inone of her obituaries that she had cancer, but not on the official document.Most sources claim it was colorectal cancer.

She was 82 years old.

Her memorial service was held the following Friday, inthe Chapel at Westwood Memorial Park. 

Those attending theservice included Jane Wyman, Donald O’Connor, Gale Gordon, Kathleen Freeman, RobertRockwell. 

Eve was there too, but she was in a box andcouldn’t enjoy the turnout. 

After the service everyone was given a copy ofEve’s autobiography.

She was cremated, and buried with her husband of 33 years, BrooksWest. I got there shortly after she was planted.

Eve’s last acting role was in Grease 2.

Trivia: Even has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, onein the television and the other in radio categories.

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