The Death of Gianni Versace and Andrew Cunanan


Gianni Versace
December 2, 1946 – July 15, 1997
“I am not interested in the past, except as the road to the future.”

Andrew Cunanan
August 31, 1969 – July 24, 1997

There is way too much of this story for me. It’s extremelycomplicated, so I’m going to skip a lot of the details about the”case,” and deal just with the type details. I hope youdon’t mind. By the way, I owe a debt of gratitude to friends Jo,Kevin and Katie, for their help in acquiring photographs of the murder scene.

A little background – Cunanan livedin San Diego, in the Hillcrestdistrict.  

He used to work in the CaliforniaCuisine on University Avenue, 

and his favorite bar to imbibe was calledFlicks,just up the road.  

I friend, James Hickok, for thosephotos.  James bought the purchase of a lifetime, when he found anautographed copy of “Coroner”, by Thomas Noguchi, in a thrift store for 3bucks.  Lucky guy.  Thanks James.

At 8:45am, on July 15th, 1997, Gianni Versace wasreturning home from a short walk to the News Café, where he purchased magazines.

 He was wearing shorts with$1,200.00 in the pocket (as you do), sandals and a dark colored shirt. His house is locatedat 1116 Ocean Avenue,in South Beach, Miami. 

He walked up the steps tothe front gate, 

he put the key in and was about to turn it, whencutie pie killer Andrew Cunanan approached him. Versace was shot twice – once,point blank in the center of his face, the other in his neck. He fell to thesteps, and landed on his right side.

APRIL 2000: My friends David and Nigel tookthis pictureof the house.

Witnesses saw Cunanan leaving the scene, and walking like aduck. No really, that’s what they said. He took off down an alley. People werechasing him, trying to stop him, but when they noticed he had a gun in his hand,well, they thought better, and let him go. Versace’s chef Charles Podestacalled 911. The 911 operator could hear Podesta over a woman’s screams in thebackground. He said that he heard 2 or 3 popping sounds, went outside, and foundthe designer in a pool of blood. At one point, the dispatcher asked if Versacewas breathing. “We don’t know – he’s not moving.” Two and a halfminutes on, Podesta asked the operator, “Why aren’t they here yet? My God,we’re only a minute or two away.” The dispatcher tried to calm him down,and less than 30 seconds later, sirens could be heard.

I received an email in January 2002, from a person that worked in the Versacehouse.  His words, “interesting reading and fairly accurate too…..
I was employed by Gianni Versace at the time of his death and was present at the time of his death. It was in fact me who was the first person to find him on the steps asCharles Podesta, the chef I employed, was in the kitchen at the time ….”

I asked this individual who worked for Versace, if he would answer a few questions forme. With the condition that he remain nameless, he agreed.:

Q: Do you know which magazines Gianni bought that day? 

A: Vogue, People and others I do not recall. 

Q: How long was he lying there until he was finally removed? 

A: Thankfully, not long. Approximately 20 minutes, hence there were no photos as it was still only between 8:35 and 9 a.m. on a quiet morning. 

Q: Was Gianni laid out at any time? 

A: Yes, on the 16th at a Jewish funeral place home up north from the beach. It was attended by Donatella, Santo, Antonio, Emmanuela, Lazaro, Myself, Sergio and possibly Melissa. 

Q: Open casket? 

A: Yes. 

Q: Who took his ashes to Milan? 

A: His sister. 

Q: Was there a grave side service? 

A: There was the big service in Milan. 

Q: Did you know Caroline Bessette Kennedy? 

A: No, met her briefly once in professional capacity.

Q: Was she a bitch, like I think she was? 

A: Can not make an opinion – see previous answer.

Q: Were you annoyed with Elton’s display at the funeral? 

A: Absolutely not – they were the closest of friends. Real friends not showbiz companions…

Q: Did you run the household? 

A: Yes from July 1995 to January 1998, when I finally left Miami. 

Q: Is the house now a hotel? 

A: Talk that it may become expensive B & B. The family no longer own it

Q: Do you live in the area still? 

A: No, after moving back to New York, I am now in London.

It was me who removed his house keys from the gates. it was Lazaro and myself who were first out onto the steps, followed closely by Antonio.Lazaro gave chase as we both saw Cunanan walking away and then begin to run. I stayed with Gianni and Antonio, Charles came out and Idirected him to call the emergency services. He was deadimmediately. He would have felt nothing.

Q: Most importantly, do you know the connection between Gianni and the psycho? 

A: Lots of theories abound. Cunanan had never been in the house, and they were not friends. He had never worked for the company.If by pure chance they had met at a party somewhere it was merely someone introducing him to Gianni who being an extremely polite andapproachable man would have said hello. no more no less…..

Another thing that annoyed me was The News Cafe saying Gianni went every morning to get papers and have a coffee there – Firstly he did not drink coffee and secondly the papers/magazines were usually collected by Arthur…. it was just a beautiful morning and he wasin high spirits so he decided to go himself …… 

Thank you for your time, and your information.

When police arrived, they noticed that Versace had “oneor more” wounds to his head, but there was still “cardiacactivity.” He was takento the hospital.

A friend – ex employee of St. Patrick’s R.C.Parish, Miami Beach tells me that he was taken to Mount Sinai Medical Center, inMiami Beach.

He died shortlythereafter. He was 50 years old.

Police described the crimescene: 

A pair of black sandals are arrayed on the lowest step. Thesouthern most being approximately 8 north of the southern end of the step andthe other being an additional 5 feet further north. Pooling of blood and somepossible brain matter is noted on step 1, 2 and 3.

I don’t know if this is true or not, friend, David Johnson, wrote me to tell me, “Did you know thatsomeone ripped Versace ad’s out of a magazine/s and started mopping up his bloodto keep as a souvenir?  I think even you would have drawn aline.”  He’s right.  Idon’t know what makes what I do okay, and what they did awful – but there is a definiteline being crossed there.  Now, if I were to have stumbled onto asandal…

On the walkway area at the gate level, in the open gateway isa paper bag containing magazines and to the north of it within 1 foot, a pair ofsunglasses with black frames. Gianni’s keys were still in the gate, and someonefrom the house removed them.

Police also found two .40 silver colored expended casingslocated nearby. Now here’s a weird fact I didn’t know. “Between the twocasings in the street with its head oriented north and in a supine position, isthe body of a dead mourning dove. Blood coming from a wound in the doves head,appears to be of the same temporal freshness of the victim. Weird, huh?

The news media arrived shortly thereafter.

A HUGE manhunt began for Andrew Cunanan. The Wanted Posterseven made it to Detroit. Here’smine.

In the meantime, on Thursday July 17th Versace wascremated.

There was a memorial service held for Gianni at St. Patrick’sChurch in Miami Beach. Hundreds of friends and well wishers came to pay theirlast respects. On July 18th, Versace’s ashes were flown to Bergamo,Italy, and were taken to the lakeside town of Como, where Versace had a villa.His family held a privateservice there. 

The real humdinger funeral was held in Milan, onTuesday the 24th, at the Roman Catholic Cathedral. This was an A-listevent. Guests included Princess Diana, Elton John and his boyfriend DavidFurnish, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, Naomi Campbell, Luciano Pavorotti, GiorgioArmani and Karl Lagerfeld. Sting and Elton sang the 23rd Psalm. Itdoesn’t get any starrier than that.

Back in Miami, the hunt for Cunanan was whipping up intofrenzy. On July 23, Fernando Carreira walked into a two-levelhouseboat 

at 5250 Collins Ave, about 2 1/2 miles north of Versace’svilla. Carreira, 74, was being paid by the boat’s owner to keep an eye on it,and he went in with gun drawn after noticing a jimmied lock.

JUNE 2000 – this in from Findadeath.comfriendSteven F.Scharff:

The owner of the houseboat where Andrew took his life was Tensin Reisnik, a German national who owned a Gay “members only” club in Las Vegas, Nevada (The Apollo, which still exists today). Reisnik was also wanted in Germany for some tax violations, and all the publicityeventually led to his extradition.

Reisnik had bought a fake passport from a group pretending to be representatives from the Principality of Sealand. A real new country project, with a website at, but the passport and other “Sealand” stuff Tensien had were fake, including aphony diplomatic license plate he had on his replica roadster he used to drive around Las Vegas in. He often bragged that he had “diplomatic immunity”. Wasn’t the case, however. Thanks Steven!

On the inside was Cunanan. The sound of the gunshot promptedCarreira to GTFOUT. He called police, and a SWAT team surrounded the houseboat.The news media soon followed. CNN went live. Five hours later, after firing 5rounds of teargas into it, police stormed the houseboat and found Cunanan’sbody. According to the police report:

“The deceased is lying in the queen size bed (naturally),in the main bedroom, on the second floor. There are two pillows positioned underhis upper body. A third pillow is positioned partially under his right upperarm. The deceased is a male with short black hair, and a several days’ growth ofa beard. The deceased is wearing only a pair of grey cotton shorts. A firearm isfound lying in the deceased’s right hand which is on his stomach area. Thefingers were positioned around the handgrip of the firearm. The firearm is in a”cocked” position. There is a large amount of blood around the facialarea of the deceased.” The rest is a rather boring description of thescene, however, just for fun, there was a pair of Calvin Klein wire framedglasses and a telephone on the right nightstand. On the left one was a vase, anashtray, and 4 miscellaneous receipts from 1995. On the top of the dresser werea beaded necklace, orange scarf, and two screwdrivers. Also found in the roomwas a German dictionary and a small alarm clock.

Now this is gross, and if you are easily grossed out oroffended by this gory bit of stuff, please do not look at thisnext picture. It’s a photograph of Cunanin, after he offed himself. It’s not toogrisly, so I didn’t mind including it, but forgive me if I’ve crossed some kindof line. Here it is.

By the way, Cunanan’s blood test revealed that he was HIVnegative. Police could rule out that stupid notion that he flipped after beingdiagnosed, and went on some revenge rampage.

The Dade County Medical Examiner released his body, andCunanan was supposedly cremated in Florida. His remains were shipped to HolyCross Cemetery, in San Diego, California, where he is entombed. No details areavailable about the service.

The houseboat where Cunanan died, sank in December of 97.Supposedly “a leak developed.” There’s got to be a story there,but I couldn’t find anything onit.

Police still have no motive for the slaying. Many theoriesexist.

December 15, 2001, Findadeath.comfriend Shawna sends us this:

I just finished reading your article on Andrew Cunanan and thought I’d add some details. Andrew had noticed some symptoms of HIV and went to get thetests but neglected to go back and get the results. He convinced himself that he had HIV and several of his friends noticed his altered behavior. Hestarted taking the pain pills he usually sold, gained about 30 pounds and stopped shaving or cutting his hair. His killing spree started with 2 ofhis lovers. Jeff Trail and David Madson, who he believed were seeing each other. In an effort to assure Andrew that they were not seeing each otherand against some of their mutual friends advice, the three of them got together. Apparently, they were not convincing and he brutally murderedthem both. He returned to Miami to hide out within the anonymity of the Miami Gay clubs and casual housing. He hid pretty good too. Althoughhe had an arrest warrant, he walked the streets freely, encountering the local police department with no ill effects and was able to successfullykill Versace. No one seems to know why he attacked Versace. His friends believe that it was a brush off from Versace at a party when Andrew firsthit the scene that decided him, but we’ll never know! 

Update Sept 1999:

According to friend Jack Huber, a ricochet from the bullet,striking the gate, and deflecting, killed the bird found near Versace’s body.The bird was also given an autopsy – and they found a paint chip from the metalgate inside the bird’s eye and head.

Another pal Mike Crofutt heard that Versace was pronounceddead at Jackson Memorial Hospital, at the University of Miami.

Thanks a lot, Jack and Mike. I appreciate the info.

Trivia: Okay, I probably already burned some bridges byposting the dead Andrew photo – so to make up for it, here’s a live one. This isthe one and only weenie photo I’ve ever seen of him. If you go here, you arestating that you are over 18 blah de blah blah. Hereyou go.

I was reading the paper last Saturday (August 14, 1999), andthere was a story about Versace’s Miami home going on the market, for $23million.

This story is exhausting. I’m going to bed.Nite.

UPDATE January 2003, from Findadeathfriend Cayley:

Hello.I was just reading FAD about Versace, and then I went on TSG, and they have acopy of the med exam. investigation and he died at Jackson Memorial Ryder TraumaCenter ER, so your ex RC employee friend informed you wrongly.


JULY2003: From a friend of

I noticed in your entry on Andrew Cunanan there is no metionmade of his murder of Chicago Gold Coast millionaire Lee Miglin who was also thespouse of HSN queen Marilyn Miglin. Factoid: Marilyn Miglin’s Chicago store faced the Versacestore there. I remember when Miglin was killed. His head was wrapped in ducttape and there was some speculation that there had been a S&M angle beforethe Versace event.

I used to work in customer service at Citibank during the time Andrew Cunanan was wanted. The day he died I checked to see if he had a credit card account and he did. It was really over the credit limit and really past due. He hadn’t made a payment in months. The funny thing is that day, the bank had reopened the account, I assume at the request of law enforcement under the hopes that he would try and use it and they could figure out were he was. He didn’t though, because he killed himself the same day.

Apparently the Versace home hasbeen sold.  According to friend Cayley:  I was readingabout Versace’s house, and found an interesting p.s. to the whole story. The home was purchased in Sept. 2000 for 19 MILLION DOLLARS! (Versace only paid2.9 million for both buildings, created one super structure andthen put another6.2 mil into it.) by a telecommunications billionaire from Raleigh, NC namedPeter Loftin. According to a webpage dated Aug 2000, Casa Casaurina, as Versacenamed it, was going to open as a 6 star hotel with 15 suites ranging from$2000-$6000 a night. But it looks like, as of now, it is some sort ofposh”events facility”. 

Check out these great pics of the mansion.

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