The Death of Glenn Quinn from Roseanne and Angel

Glenn Quinn
May 28, 1970 – December 3, 2002
“Mr. Conner knows that you’re not ready to go home yet, so he’d liketo meet you on neutered territory.”

Ireland born Glenn was Mark on Roseanne, andplayed Doyle on Angel as well as otherroles.

Glenn was also the co-owner/silent partner of a club called Goldfinger’s which isjust a couple of doors down from the PLA BOY liquor store in a particularlygrubby area of Hollywood, mentioned in the Ed Wood story. 

 Here is the back view of thebar, which I plan to check out soon.

The good folks at www.celebritycollectables.comsent me the autopsy report for this story, thus making it available forus.  A fascinating document, and perfect for the Death Hag on yourChristmas list.

Glenn had a booze and drug problem for quite some time. He lost his last job onAngel because of it. It appears that he was on a downwardspiral, and according to some sources, he lost the house he bought from his Roseannemoney. He was bought out in his night club venture, because he wasbegging for money from customers, getting in to fights and just being an allaround embarrassment. The last straw for Glenn was being kicked out ofrehab (Wavelengths in Malibu), for using drugs. This was afew days before he died.

Glenn was living the “transient” lifestyle, staying with friends, andon December 2, 2002, he was staying with his buddy Dwayne in NorthHollywood.  The apartment was onthe ground floor, and Glennwas sleeping on the couch. 

 Glenn and Dwayne spoke around 10 p.m., when Dwaynewent to bed. At some point, Glenn had shot up heroin.  Dwayne wokethe next morning, saw Glenn sleeping there (he thought) and went out to run someerrands. Upon his return around 11a.m. or noon, he took a closer look atGlenn.

I think that the reporter from The Globe put it best when he wrote,”The Irish born actor was proud of his heritage, sporting the tattoo Erin Go Braugh (Ireland Forever) on his right shoulder and one of an Irish harp on this left. But the hunk was a mess- with a chalky drool oozing from his mouth and mismatched socks on his feet – when his cold corpse was found on a couch of afriend’s North Hollywood apartment.”

Dwayne lived in this apartment building in North Hollywood, just astone’s throw from theglamorous Beverly Garland Hotel. In fact, at the end of the street where Glenn died, there was some lovely flowerage courtesy ofTheBev.

On a positive note, the coroner deemed the apartment”clean and furnished.” Thathad to make Dwayne’s mum proud, offsetting the fact that a junkie overdosed onher son’s couch.

Cause of death, Morphine Intoxication. An overdose of heroin. Accidental. Just an FYI, heroin shows up asmorphine in autopsies. 

He was only 32. 

Autopsy reports are revealing.

Apparently he left behind some financial troubles as well. Michael Fishman, who playedD.J. on Roseanne, put out a plea for people to send donations to help cover the funeral costs.Sad considering that Glenn probably made more in a year than most”average” people make in a decade, and he pissed it all away ondrugs. He had serious demons.

He was taken to the LuybenFamily Mortuary and embalmed.

  A funeral was held, and Sara Gilbert and JohnnyGalecki (Darlene and David on Roseanne) attended.  Glenn isburied in Forest Lawn, Cypress – in Orange County.  

My pal Kim sends us these pictures of Glenn’s final resting spot.  Hisoriginalmarker was quite modest, but since its been replaced with a more suitableone. 

Thanks Kim!

Trivia:  Glenn gave Gwyneth Paltrow herfirst on screen kiss in a movie called Shout.

Drugs are bad, mmkay?

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