The Death of Kim Walker from Heathers

Kim Walker
June 19, 1968 – March 6, 2001
“Is this turnout weak or what? I had at least 70 more people at myfuneral.”

Kim Walker was never a star, but she managed to appear in oneof the best films ever made, Heathers. This film was caustic. Ifyou can laugh at teen suicide, this one is for you. Own it. In this flick, Kimwas NASTY. She played one of the three girls named Heather in the film, andWinona Ryder played the only Veronica. In real life, Kim supposedly datedChristian Slater, also in the film, for two years.

Kim appeared in a few television shows, and a couple offeature films. Weird thing is, I could not find a speck of information about herdeath. I’m sure that the LA Times never even ran an obituary, which is reallyodd, because they’ll do an entire page about anyone that ever cut a fart, aslong as they directed a movie once.