The Death of Mabel King of What’s Happenin!

Mabel King
December 25, 1932 – November 9, 1999“Roger, give me your belt.”

What’s Happening!! was around for about 2 and a half years. Still, itremains in a lot of our minds. Mostly because of Dee, the smart ass daughter. She made that show. The others weremildly funny. Shirley Hemphillwas good though, but the fat jokes ran thin. Don’t getme going on Rerun. Manomanomanoman. Characters do NOT get more annoying than this guy, and according to our pals atTheSmoking Gun, he isn’t finished yet.

I mentioned this one incident I had with Ms. King on another page somewhere in the archives ofFindadeath – but I’ll relive it for you. A couple of years ago, a pal and I went to the Motion Picture Country Homein Woodland Hills, to visit Stanley Kramer. This guy was really old and really ill, and nowhe’s really dead. While wewere waiting for Stanley to wake up, I peeked into the room next to him, and there wasMabel. She was a large, legless lady.  Her eyes were really bulging, and she beckoned me forward with a largehand, with gigantic fingernails like talons – beckoning me. Slowly, I approached her. She wanted to have a cigarette. So, I opened herdoor, wheeled her out there, and smoked with her. So, after it was over, I left her, and my friend and I went to seeStanley. 

On the way out, there was Mabel, beckoning me with those fingers again. She wanted to go for a stroll. I had some free time, so I tookher out the front entrance, and we smoked some more.

 She didn’t want to go backin. Not. At. All. After about 20 minutes of trying to convince her I had to leave,finally (and I feel terrible about this) I told her I would come back in a couple of days, and see her again. In the back of my mind I thought I could, butknew I wouldn’t. I couldn’t hurt her feelings, and I couldn’t stick it out. So, I ditched Mabel. Ididn’t killher tho. I don’t mean to be (too) disrespectful,but this is what she looked like that day. 


In 1986, she lost a toe to diabetes.  In 1989 she had a stroke, leaving her leftside paralyzed,and virtually speechless for over a year.  Her son died of cirrhosis, because of a drug problem.  One of thelast things he did was try to con Mabel out of 50 bucks.  Around this time she lost the will to live, but friendsorganized a benefit for her, which cheered her immensely.  It made enough money to get her a new wheelchair, and anew outlook on her sad, miserable life.  A couple of years later, she almost died while they tried replacing herhip.  Man, I feel for her.  Still, she thought she was blessed.

There is some amount of smoke screen about Mabel, though. I heard through the celeb grapevine, beforeshe even died, that some ambulance people dropped her, and injured her pretty seriously.That’s how I heard she wasput up in the Motion Picture Country Home. It is a fact that she fell out of her wheelchair at some point, and got hertop teeth knocked out. Sad. Allegedly, the MPCH put her up, to stop her from suing.Who knows. Her last homebelonged to Vickie L. Chamberlain, who had power of attorney over Mabel. Something definitely happened there.I wonderwhat the real story is.

At the time of her death, Mabel was living on Exhibit Court. 

Here is the house. 

It was no secret she was ill.They were already taking her away, piece by piece. On the 9thof November, 1999, she was in the Kaiser Foundation Hospital, also in WoodlandHills. 

She had been on dialysis for years, and finally her kidneys shut down at 3:55 in the morning. 

She was 66years old.

Momma was cremated, and her ashes given to Miss Chamberlain, and from the looks of it, MissChamberlain split from the house, so God only knows where Mabel is now. Hope she is resting in the peace she deserves.

Very weirdly, at least I think, the obituarydidn’t hit the papers until the 24th. Almost 2weeks after her death. The Los Angeles Times, which runs obits on EVERYONE in show business, never ran one forMabel. When I emailed the woman there and asked why, she told me it’s not news anymore, andit’s too late. It’s probablyjust some legal thing, but I sure am curious to know the real story about what happened to Mabel.

Trivia: Her birth name was Donnie Mabel Elizabeth Washington. When the stars regrouped to make What’sHappening Now, Mabel asked for more money. She didn’t get it. The show went on without her. The show sucked.

More: She played the witch Evillene in the Broadway and film versions of The Wiz. Sheloved macaroni pie. This is her recipe, from the book, Cooking in Oz

She was also Steve Martin’s mother in The Jerk, and her last appearance was in Scrooged.

My friend Sadie from The Rocky Horror Picture Show has a recipe in it too. Buy the book here! Cooking in Oz : Kitchen Wizardry friend Randy Nyerges sends this in:She was a conservative Republican, and in 1984 was a featured speaker at the Lincoln Memorial for a “Blacks for Reagan” rally. She spoke very passionately in support of Ronald Reagan’sre-election. 

Big thanks to Steve Goldstein of for his photographs, and Mike Steen for thedeath certificate. You guys are great supporters, and I consider you good friends.

Here’s a great site about the showWhat’sHappening!!

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