Margot Kidder

Margot Kidder

Yes, I KNOW! She is NOT dead. Neither are a lot of otherpeople, but what this broad did, certainly merits a mention.

On Saturday April 20th 1996, she was at Los AngelesInternational Airport, ready to board a flight to Phoenix. The flight wasn’tleaving until the next day. She never got on. She (they say) intercepted atelevision crew from Nashville, and followed them through the airport. She wouldpoint at their equipment and scream, “I know you’re after me and you’resending signals with those things!” She followed them into the Hertz Rent ACar, where she stayed for almost an hour, passing notes that read, “Drivemy jacket 100 miles from here, and throw it.” Next thing anyone knows,she’s mumbling gibberish in a woodpile in Glendale.

She was discovered on Tuesday, April 23rd, in theback yard of this houseat 412 Ross Avenue, in Glendale. 

Here’s a peek up thedriveway. 

Her hair had been hacked off with a razor blade, and whatwas left of it, was tied with a strip from a plastic grocery bag. Oh yeah, shehad teeth missing. Turns out she lost her dental plate. It was sending hersignals too, no doubt. The policeman said to her that she had better leave thewoodpile, as there are black widow spiders there. Her reply? “Ha! There aremuch worse things than black widow spiders after me!”

They picked her up, checked her in to the hoo hoo hotel, akaTheOlive View Medical Center in Sylmar.

The breakdown was probably caused by a lot of factors. Shehadn’t been in a hit film in ages. She had a terrible automobile accident, whichleft her spine damaged. Then her insurance company dropped her (assholes). Shewas so broke, she once peddled her jewelry up and down 47th Street,in New York.

Margot seems fine now. She claims that herillness was manic depression, and she’s been treated with acupuncture andtherapy. Oh yeah, she takes St. John’s Wort too. If it works, she should be theposter child.

I forgot to mention that I met Margot once.  I was sitting on Hollywood Boulevard – in the hearseI was driving, and she came up to me and asked about the tour – and said, “I should use this in mybook.”  This was about a year before her breakdown.  Don’t know if she ever did mention the tour.

Oh yeah, I didn’t even mention The AmityvilleHorror. I thinkit’s a brilliant film, and a fantastically scary story. I don’t care if theLutz’s did lie. I did read a book disproving the whole story called, “TheAmityville Conspiracy,” which WAS interesting. These people went to suchgreat lengths to discredit everyone involved with the Lutz’s story. They are sopetty and bitchy, which is the best part. My theory was that the author wasjealous of all the attention others were getting. Sad part about it, the authordied before his book was even published! Too bad. Karma karma karma. It is a funread. If you are interested in it – check it out here. Oh,and give my love to Jody.

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