The Murder of Scott Amedure and the Jenny Jones Show

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ScottAmedure (the Jenny Jones murder)

January 26, 1963 – March 9, 1995

“He’s just a tiny little cute thing.”

This one was wild.  Idid a lot of research on this case for a show I worked on in England called Yanky Panky, which was all about how bizarre America can be. This particular story got dropped because it was too “out there” and sad for us to use and,  I suppose, it didn’t mock America enough.

The incident involves a few people, the first being Scott Amedure, a 32-year-old man from Michigan. He was a bartender, and lived in a trailer park. The second, a 26-year-old waiter named Jonathan Schmitz who has a history of suicide attempts and manic behavior. Their mutual friend, a woman named Donna Riley, and Jenny Jones.

Schmitz worked at a nice restaurant called the Fox and Hounds in a posh area of Michigan called Bloomfield Hills. There are some people that assumed Schmitz was gay, and there are thosethat saw him (alone) in the Flamingo, the Pontiac gay bar where Amedure worked occasionally. Schmitz maintained his heterosexuality, his family saying he was even engaged to a woman at one time.

Amedure was no angel.  He spent 4 years in the Army, and according to friends he had a drug problem, and was heavily in debt.  He was charged with assault a couple of times, was unemployed, but usually hung out at The Flamingo. Most reports have Amedure listed as a nice guy, generous to his friends.

Schmitz had met Amedure through Riley in the parking lot of apartment building she lived in, which is also where Schmitz lived, maybe back here. According to friend Michael H., Amedure first saw Schmitz under a car from the waist down, and that’s what attractedhim.  Upon seeing a plea on the Jenny Jones show for people that had same sexcrushes, on not necessarily homosexual individuals, Riley made the call for Amedure, the show contacted Schmitz, clearly stating that the admirer may be “anybody” meaning to them, male or female. Schmitz assumed female, bought new clothes, and was very excited about the prospect of a new relationship with a girly girl.

On March 5, 1995 the trioflew to Chicago to tape the segment.  Apparently drinks were served to the guests before going on, and Amedure – when prompted inthe hot seat – confessed to admiring Schmitz’s “hard little body” and wanted “to tie him up and spray whipped cream and champagne all over his body”.    When Schmitz was informed – on air – that his admirer was male, he remained calm, smiled, and said that he was “definitely heterosexual” and that he was “flattered.”